Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

All those lives ended . . .
Honor them by pondering
War's true cost before
Beating the drum . . . 
Waving the flag . . .
And sending more to die.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Grueling Schedule at Camp NoFun

Some people expect that a visit to our corner of the mountains will have to include the brew pubs and music venues of Asheville, as well as the art galleries and craft shops all around and, of course, the Biltmore House  but some people would be wrong.

 Eleanor's visit, by her choice, included none of those. Instead there was porch-sitting, wine drinking, book reading, movie watching, and a few drives around, just to look at the scenery.  (There was probably more dog interaction than was absolutely desirable but Bob fell in love with our guest and would not be denied.)

 She was surprised to learn that I'd never seen The Night of the Hunter or Glen Garry Glen Ross so we watched those.  And we watched Get Shorty and The Big Lebowski. 

I wrote down recommendations for other movies and TV series ('Dahling, you have to see . . .'):  Portrait of Jenny; Slum Dog Millionaire; Capote; National Velvet (I loved the book but never saw the movie;) and Vickie, Christine, Barcelona (a Woody Allen film.)  I know there were more . . .

She told me about THE UNDERGROUND GIRLS OF KABUL - a book about Afghan girls who are allowed to live as boys when there are no boys in the family and convinced me to order the first volume of DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF TIME -- a family saga set in England during the World Wars.

 I introduced her to Larry Gonick's  THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE MODERN WORLD,  and she was hooked -- and read right through both volumes over the course of four or five days. Then I handed her Laurie R. King's THE BEEKEEPER'S APPRENTICE and was gratified to find she could hardly put it down.  She was halfway through when she left and had it to keep her company on the flight. With fifteen more Russell books and a bunch more LRK novels, I feel that my book pushing work went well. (Evil smile.)

 For old friends, just hanging out, doing ordinary things is somehow perfect.  It's the Being There (another movie I need to re-watch) that counts. 

Next year at Camp NoFun, Eleanor?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Field of Honor

On my way back from taking my friend Eleanor to the airport yesterday, this field of flags caught my eye and I pulled in to the shopping center where they were (Northridge Commons in Weaverville) to get some pictures.  There was a brisk breeze and the sound, motion, and colors were irresistible.

As I was wandering around, a nice lady came to tell me about this display.  It's put on by the North Buncombe High School Band Boosters and is a tribute to all military, veterans, law enforcement,first responders, fire and rescue, and EMS.

The display is free and open to all, 9 to 9 daily, till the closing ceremony on May 30 at 2. 

There are band performances too: today, Friday May 22, at 6, tomorrow, Saturday May 23, at 2, and on Memorial Day, Monday May 25, at 4.  (Folks are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and a picnic.)

The nice lady was delighted when I told her I was going to use the pictures on my blog and I told her I would share the information.  There's a link HERE for more about the Field of Honor.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Paw Paw Fixer-Upper -- with Barn

Across the road from the little cemetery I photographed the other day is this old cabin.

I believe it's been deserted as long as we've been here -- some forty years -- and it looks to be of the same vintage as our old cabin -- mid to late 1800's.

The glass in the windows is gone (if there ever was any) and the chinking is falling out -- but the wisteria is blooming.

Someone's dreams were in this little cabin long ago . . .

Waiting for someone to dream some more . . .

And there's a barn just across the road. . .

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Back to the Garden -- Oh, the Excitement!

One probably has to be a gardener to understand the excitement of seeing  tiny squash seedlings appearing . . .

And the joy of kale (three different types) 

and collards . . .

And a nice little sprouting of cucumbers and beets . . .

Oh, the salads we'll have!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just Off the Road

Just off a road not far from our farm is a tiny family cemetery.  It seems to be all Paynes -- the concrete marker above -- which I can't really decipher -- and the family of one James Payne. 

James H. Payne ( 1838 - 1915 according to information on Find A Grave HERE) seems to have served in the 2nd NC Mounted Infantry.  (Union -- see THIS SITE.) 

 Mollie (Mary) E. Payne (1848 - 1899) is here . . .

As is a daughter of theirs . . .

And a son . . .

There are several rocks which may be foot stones or may be intended as markers.  According to Find a Grave, James had fifteen children by two wives . . . I'll have to pursue this a bit farther . . .