Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Someone Else's Pets

Well, yes, I was . . .

Coming out of our driveway a few days ago, I noticed a charming collection of critters out for a stroll.

I recognized the dog -- he lives with our across the street neighbors -- but I hadn't noticed the cats before.

I loved the interaction between these three. . .

All so calm and in control . . .

At times it looked like some kind of dance . . .

Is that a do-si-do?

Or is that break-dancing?

I wonder what else they get up to on their strolls.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pre-Dawn Drama

John gets up earlier than I . . .

He took these pictures Saturday morning.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome to the World, Baby Bull!

A new arrival! I was on my way to the store when I spotted the mama and a baby  -- fresh out and struggling to stand. (The top picture was taken a few hours later.)

Getting the hind end up is easy . . .

But straightening out those front legs requires more effort.

He's gotta do it though to gain access to the milk bar.

Mama nudges him and moos softly to him and he tries again.

Oops! Face plant!

Of course a nosy aunt is watching.

If at first . . .

Try, try . . .

Almost . . .

Nope . . .

C.mon kid, you can do it!

And he's up!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Shining in the Evening Sun

What in the world? Look at that color!

Some undersea creature's spiny appendages?

Nope, just sprawling brambles -- probably thimbleberries.
(Of which, more HERE.)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Branches Are Roaring

Several of my western North Carolina called me out on my sunrise pictures yesterday. "Those weren't taken this morning!" they said.

True enough. We awakened to heavy rain and fog yesterday. The lovely sunrise was from Tuesday morning. The thing is, I always post my blog the day before, scheduling it for 12 AM. 

So these pictures were taken yesterday -- Wednesday afternoon -- as I headed to Asheville for my class.

The rain had finally stopped and our branches were roaring.

And as I crossed the Barnard bridge, I could see that the river was out of its normal bounds.

There were flood warnings in nearby counties but I encountered no problems driving to my class in West Asheville. One of my students, however, was unable to make it, due to a mudslide on the road where he lives.

So far, we're happy for the rains, recharging the water table which has been on the low side for several years. It's too early to think about the garden so I'm happy to spend time inside, chugging along on the novel, letting dogs in and out, and in again.